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elgiorgio On Softonic since May 2012

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"fast confidential browser but still unfinished. "

  • 7.0
  • 7.0
  • usability6
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  • Installation9
  • Functionality7
  • Appearance9

Midori is generally OK. You can watch videos and listen to music with no problems. You can easily chose your search engine. One of the big cons is that it messes up my private message Facebook page. It wants to scroll up all the way till the first message. It's very annoying. And, the adds sometimes overlay on the page content.

  • i read it is more confidential than the other browsers...
  • Crash from time to time for no reason. There should be a button "new tab" on the tab bar instead of besides the back page button: it would be more ergonomic.

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27 May 2012

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